17 March 2015

Almost to Break

For some reason, every week before a major break becomes the busiest week ever. So this past week I've been working pretty hard to tie up all the things due before spring break. Unfortunately this includes two tests in biology and chemistry, an essay for E&D, and a chemistry lab write up on our first experiment we conducted. It’ll be tough, but I can definitely manage it all.  

This past weekend the rain finally came back. It was weird to see Portland how it usually is at this time of year again. The temperate weather was amazing to have for a few weeks. Saturday, it rained all day long from morning to night... it didn't stop once! It was actually nice though to get some rain before I head back to dry, sunny 90 degree weather back home.

On Saturday I was scheduled to work the baseball games, but that sure wasn't happening with all the rain that got dumped on us. Sunday though was a bit nicer, and it stopped long enough for the baseball team to play. Lewis and Clark played against Pacific  last weekend. I worked with my friend Mikey this weekend.  It was nice to have him there to keep me company, and so we could both work out the plays on the field.

About three innings into the game, the wind began to really pick up. It was almost as powerful as the time that knocked over a tree right next to Copeland Hall on campus earlier this year. On the fence of the baseball field, there are tarps that cover up the chain link of the fences. Those didn't hold out too long. They were blowing around on the fence and barely hanging on by the third inning.
Field getting covered up. You can see the covers in the back
blowing around. 

After the wind caused some minor delays, the game resumed for a little bit until it started raining. With the rain coming down pretty hard, the entire baseball team had to run out to left field to get the tarp that would cover the infield. It was interesting to watch them all run as fast as they could to save the infield from becoming soaked. They must have practiced at covering it up, because they covered it up before the rain really started coming down.  After about thirty minutes of rain delay, the game was resumed and the weather didn't act up again.

All in all, I was there at the game for about eight hours on Sunday. I am not complaining though;  it’ll be a good paycheck at the end of the month! So for now, it’s back to studying so I can get home for spring break.


Mikey checking for leaks in the roof.