02 March 2015

What is SAAB?

Hello all,

      I hope that you've had a good weekend. It's strangely sunny in Portland, and I did my poetry homework outside on the estate garden lawns. I think that I'll come back to Lewis & Clark when I graduate just to lie on the lawn once in a while.
         Now for an update on school. Friends from my poetry class and I are applying for a SAAB grant, or a grant from the Student Academic Affairs Board. Students apply for grants through SAAB to do research, creative arts projects, attend conferences, bring speakers to campus, and make other awesome opportunities happen. My classmates and I were nominated to attend a Sweet Briar's Writer's Conference in Virginia, so we're applying for funding to attend the workshop over spring break. Here are some photos of the application process:
Maria, Rae, and Emma working on the proposal in the library
Emma and Rae eating candy at the registrar's office while we get the signatures
The crew in front of the estate gardens after turning in the proposal
   It was a lot of work getting everything together, but it will be so worth it if we get the funding! We hope to start an on-campus writer's group when we return from the workshop. I'll keep you all updated. I haven't done much other than write a thesis these past couple of days. Luckily, I am starting to understand André Weckmann, the poet I'm studying, a little bit better as I translate some of his works. Writing about him is one of the hardest tasks I've ever taken on, and now I've got 10 pages done. Only 20 more to go! Before I scare all of you away from attending college, it's been fun too. Here's a picture of Mt. Hood from my College Outdoors Trip   

You should definitely check out their trips. I'll tell you more about them later-- I have to get ready for my SAAB presentation. Wish me luck!

If you have any questions about LC, poetry, choosing colleges, or anything, I'm here!