18 October 2015

Atomic Adventures and Ninjas

You are supposed to leave an apple on your teacher’s desk, right?

Antimony Pentachloride (SbCl5)
In chemistry we are working on figuring out the various shapes of atoms and the professor suggested that we try making our own models because illustrations just aren’t the same as having something you can hold in your hands.  The next morning a friend and I arrived early for class prepared with apples and sharpened chopsticks.  The smile on his face when he walked in was definitely worth getting to class 20 minutes early.  It stayed on his desk for the remainder of the day before finally being eaten.

If you aren’t paying attention while walking late on a Saturday night you may find yourself in the midst of a battle.  At 11pm every Saturday, L&C students gather by the outdoor pool for a game called Ninja.  Ninja is more or less capture the flag with foam swords.  The goal is to capture the flag of the opposing team and place it with your own.  Failing this, you could always kill the entire opposing team.  There are various rules of combat; mostly along the lines of don’t hit people in the face, don’t stab anyone, and try not to die.

My Saturday night was spent fighting enemy guards, ninjas, shoguns, and the occasional wanderer.  I have yet to be anything other than a guard, but this was only my second time playing.  As a guard I get sent off on various tasks such as trying to steal the enemy flag, defending our flag, and attempting to defeat the enemy shogun.  It is a lot of fun, gets you outdoors running around, and I find that hitting people with a foam sword (when they are armed too) turns out to be a pretty decent way to make friends.

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