04 October 2015

Fall Festivals

“Happy first day of Halloween!” 
Not everyone is quite as excited about the season as the person quoted above, but fall has begun and Lewis and Clark students are celebrating in various ways (most of them involving free food).

The grill works!


Yesterday (Saturday) L&C’s German Club celebrated Oktoberfest outside of Tamarack (Forest Hall’s lounge).  While it lacked the alcohol typically associated with Oktoberfest; everyone present had fun with attempting to get the grill to light, the sausage roast (once the grill was in working order), and the lively conversation between friends.

Pumpkin painting at the Harvest Festival


While I wasn’t able to attend myself, many students were able to support our teams during the football, volleyball, and soccer games this weekend.

Forest Hall Harvest Festival

Today outside of Tamarack there are many happy Lewis & Clark students painting pumpkins, roasting s’mores, eating pie, drinking apple cider, and making fall decorations.  I now have my own (slightly crooked) pumpkin decorating my bookshelf.

My junior jack-o'-lantern

What I’ve Been Doing

In addition to the two festivals above I have managed to do a few other things this week.

My team for Biology 141 (Explorations in Ecology and the Environmental Science) is studying the effects ivy has on the behavior of birds.  It is rather early in the study so we don’t have much information yet, but it has been quite enjoyable just sitting in the woods listening to the birds and taking a break.

Opal Creek
I recently became the student coordinator for the College Outdoors Fall Break Trip to Opal Creek. Which means that next weekend I get to go back to the beautiful Opal Creek Wilderness and spend time hiking, playing games, identifying plants, and exploring one of Oregon’s old growth forests. We had our pre-trip meeting last Thursday and I’m counting down the days until it starts. My New Student Trip was there and I can’t wait to go back.

If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at ameliaberle@lclark.edu