27 October 2015

Go Timbers!

It’s official. The semester is halfway over! It’s crazy how fast this semester has gone so far. Still, classes go on and keep me busy which makes it go by even faster. All my classes are really going well for me, and I’m really trying to finish the semester strong.

This past week wasn’t too busy in terms of school. It was a pretty easy week since I only had homework for Spanish, calculus, and physics. Whenever I am struggling with my physics homework, thankfully I can go to the SQRC for help. The SQRC, or Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center, is a place in Howard Hall where anyone can go to get help on almost all science and math work. It has really saved me a couple times over my time here. It is especially helpful because there are peer tutors there that have taken the same courses that you have and really understand the work you are doing. As soon as I need help on a problem and can’t see a professor for help, it’s the first place I go.

Other than homework, I didn’t really do much this week. For football, we played the University of Puget Sound this past Saturday. Unfortunately we lost 38-7, but we are still showing signs of improvement. It has been rough, but the only thing we can do is keep our heads up and keep getting better. This weekend we face Willamette for our rivalry game, and fortunately they haven’t played much better than us. Hopefully we can get our first win this weekend against our rival.

This Sunday I was able to go with a few friends to the Portland Timbers’ final game of the year. Lewis & Clark College had bought a lot of tickets for the game this past weekend and sold them to us for a discounted price. A lot was riding on their game that day because if they were able to win or get a tie, they would make the Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs. Since the tickets were general admission, we were able to sit wherever we wanted at one end of the stadium. The coolest part about our seats was that it was in the die-hard fan section, nicknamed the Timbers’ Army. Before the game had even started, they had already started chanting and cheering on the Timbers. By the time the game had started, the whole stadium was completely packed for the game. Once the game kicked off, the Timbers’ Army didn’t stop chanting the whole time. Fortunately for all of us, we had a lot to cheer about in the first five minutes, as the Timbers were quick to score their first goal. After that their opponent, the Colorado Rapids, managed to tie the game for a little while. However, right before halftime, the Timbers scored their second goal and didn’t look back. It was such an incredible experience to be there that day. The Timbers ended up winning 4-1, making everyone in the crowd very happy and securing their playoff spot.

Looking forward to this week, things should return to the normal business of school. I just have to keep chugging along and knock out these next few weeks before Thanksgiving break! Until next week.  


Both sides of the scarf I bought at the game. Go Timbers!
View of the game!