20 October 2015

Homecoming Weekend

This past was a very busy week on campus. It was Lewis & Clark’s Homecoming and Parents’ Weekend this weekend, which meant it was very crowded on campus. The school does a very good job of bringing back alumni and welcoming parents. It hosts lots of events to showcase the school and area around it. I know that they host hikes in Tryon State Park, have acapella group singing, and even a breakfast on Saturday morning for all the football alumni that were there this weekend.

I didn’t really get to see much of the action besides all the extra people on campus. By the time all the parents and alumni were arriving on Thursday, I had been working all day on my physics homework. It is definitely my toughest class right now, but mostly because it has the most homework. Other than that, all my classes are going really well for me right now, and I’m really happy with how I am doing in them!

Since it was homecoming this week, a lot of football alumni game to our game this weekend against Pacific University. One of the coolest things I think they do for our alumni and parents is set up a giant tent in the back of our end zone under the scoreboard where they can watch the game. They also serve food and drinks for them in the tent, and it’s a really amazing experience to see all the former football players there cheering us on. Unfortunately, we lost in front of a really great crowd this Saturday. Our team is so close to winning, but we just can’t string everything together right now.

The game really started off well for us, and we even scored on our first drive of the game which hasn’t happened while I have been here. After that though, things went downhill for a while. We were able to stop them on their first two drives, but then we gave up several touchdowns in a row off big plays that really hurt us. Towards the end of the game though, some of our freshman players displayed some phenomenal talent that narrowed the score for us. The backup quarterback, Mike Machado, was able to lead our team on three scoring drives in the fourth quarter. Another freshman that played really well was Bryce Johnson, who made a spectacular one handed grab over two defenders to set up our last touchdown. Hopefully soon we can combine all the really good things we have built and get our first win of the year.

Other than football and school, I haven’t really done much. Those both keep me busy all week, but I might be able to go a Portland Timbers game this week. The Timbers are the local Major League Soccer team here, and I really hope I can still get tickets that the school is selling for a good price. Since it is Lewis & Clark Night at the Timbers game, the school buys a chunk of tickets and sells it to the students for a discounted price. They also do it for the Trailblazer games in the winter, which I really like. I'll tell you all about it next week.


Beautiful day for sports: I was watching the girls soccer team play before our game.

I'm on the far right, #44. I was named a captain for this weekends game. 

Getting a tackle!