20 October 2015

Working on Campus - The Low Down

Fall decorations made from real chiles and vegetables @ the PSU Farmer's Market
Hey all!
In this post, I want to share a bit about working on/off campus. Many students choose to hold a part-time job as a student, and, for the most part, LC does cater to those students who need that extra income to make ends meet. For on-campus jobs, you'll find anything from working in the gym to the Bon (dining hall) to research positions to facilities and grounds maintenance. Pretty much anywhere you look on campus, there is a student working, and this is a very good sign. As a transfer student who has had a break in my education, I am familiar with job hunting, but for those of you who have never held a job before, working on campus is the perfect introduction! Campus jobs require very little commute time (no traffic!) and are super accommodating during high-stress times (think exams!). You can get a campus job in one of two ways:

1) Search for and apply online using LC's system
2) Network with contacts and see if they need student help

In your job search, you'll want to do both ideally. It's great practice writing/revising resumes (which you can get help doing for free at our Career Center). I work as an Academic English Studies (AES) helper in two of the many AES classes LC runs for its international exchange students on campus. Essentially, I get to drop into AES classes and help bring a closer more intimate English experience to students coming from abroad; activities change every week and can range from talking about my family history as a child of immigrants from Japan or helping students understand/dig further into social problems in the USA as a class assignment. It's a very rewarding job and fits right into the class schedule, which is just great. Interestingly, every student I know who is holding an on-campus jobs seems to enjoy their experiences working. While I don't recommend having a job during your first semester in college, sometimes it's not an option to not have one, so be glad that you will have options when you're at LC.

As for off-campus jobs, LC runs a page dedicated to listing off-campus non-LC related jobs. These are great if you live off campus or if you don't have a work-study award (if you don't have a work-study award, then your on-campus options are limited to working in the Bon, unfortunately). If you find a job downtown and live on campus, you can easily use the pio as your transport because it runs continuously from early morning to late late (think 2am).

If it exists, there's an artisan
version of it in Portland
For Fun!
This past weekend was Parent's weekend, and many students decided to go out with their parents and enjoy the greater Portland area and what is has to offer (food, outdoors, shopping, etc. etc. etc. you name it). Although my parents did not visit, that didn't stop me from grabbing a few friends and heading to PSU's farmer's market, which runs year-round on saturdays in downtown. This is one of my favorite places to go to get fresh groceries, locally-made gifts, tasty dishes, live bands, and of course, free samples for days. This huge farmer's market is often confused with the Portland Saturday Market, which is an even bigger local crafts and food/drink market that also runs on Saturdays in a different part of downtown.
This x100 = PSU Farmer's Market