26 October 2015

The Ground is Alive!

The scene of our story

Imagine you are spending your weekend on a college outdoors trip.  Since this is a training trip and you rotated through various activities during the day you end up sleeping in a tent someone else had set up during the last rotation of activities.  At about 5am you wake up because someone is poking you, you roll over and ignore it, but the poking starts again; then, and only then, do you realize that you are alone in the tent and the ground is poking you.  Sounds like Halloween, right?

Someone had set my tent up over a molehill and the mole was very confused to find his tunnels partially collapsed.  Being a mole he promptly started trying to repair them which would have worked a lot better had I not been on top of them.  Once I started poking back he decided it was a job best left for another time and left me alone for the rest of the night.  We left that morning so I’m sure he has fixed his home back up and is living comfortably again.

Favorite photos from the trip:

L&C Everyday Life: Mailroom

It's not quite as big as it looks in the picture.
Since this blog is aimed toward showing you what life is like here at Lewis & Clark, I’ve decided to start adding in a few bits of information on the everyday life of an L&C student to the end of each of my posts.

Each student is assigned a mailbox for their entire time at L&C.  It’s a small (≈ 6” X 3”) metal box in the mailroom.  Since 6” X 3” is too small for most packages, you will get a yellow slip of paper in your box informing you that you have received a package.  Getting your package is rather simple, simply bring the yellow slip and a photo ID to the mailroom counter.  Lots of people decorate their mailbox with stickers so feel free to do so, but keep in mind each box has a combination lock so you will only have about 4” X 3” to decorate.

Any questions (or suggestions for the L&C Everyday Life segment)?  Please email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu