19 October 2015

Once Upon a Parents' Weekend

As promised, here are the photos of me spinning fire at the Fire Arts club. We’re getting ready for the Halloween show. I’m not experienced enough yet to choreograph my own piece yet, but I can freestyle burn at the beginning with the other newbies.

I had a really busy weekend for two reasons. First, my family came up to visit for Parents’ Weekend. We browsed Powell’s Books for a while, which is this huge bookstore downtown that covers an entire city block. I was geeking out because I found a translation of the Greek tragedy Trojan Women done by one of my favorite poets, Alan Shapiro. I actually met him two years ago when I was a first-year here. We read some of his work in my poetry class, and then my professor brought him to campus for a poetry reading. We all sat in the Frank Manor house and had cookies and coffee together. I even got his autograph.

I then introduced my family to the wonders that are Voodoo Doughnut, Salt N Straw, and Tea Chai Te. In addition to eating copious amounts of doughnuts and ice cream and tea, we went food-carting and had Greek gyros and Georgian khatchapuri and more tea. Finally, we went hiking around Tryon Creek State Park, which is a beautiful wooded area really close to campus. I go running there often.

This is khatchapuri. It's amazing. 

Also, I was in Once upon a Weekend for the first time. Every year, the (Pause.) Journal of Dramatic Literature, a student-run theatre publication on campus, posts a short prompt in the theater. This year's was "Standard Procedure." Students have one week to submit a short play in response to the prompt. (Pause.) then chooses five or six plays to produce. That Friday night, there is a two hour casting/audition period. I showed up and we played improv games for an hour while the directors watched. Then the directors went into the corner and made important decisions while we talked amongst ourselves. Finally, we were all assigned our roles. I got the part of Haley, who is in heaven due to death by shark attack and has to navigate the bureaucracy of annoying and unhelpful angels to find her mother. Along her way, she encounters a miniature pony named Beth who helps her in her journey. I had the rest of that night and the next morning to memorize my lines, and then we had a grand total of two hours of rehearsal in the afternoon. The show that night went really well and the whole thing was a ton of fun. I will definitely do it again next year. I like that it's only a 24 hour time commitment and that you get to meet so many people through it. If you come to Lewis and Clark, I would highly recommend participating. If you’re not into acting or writing plays, then you should still definitely show up and be in the audience. It’s always a huge crowd and it’s pretty interactive and noisy. Not your typical theatre-going experience (if there is such a thing).

Anyway, because my weekend was so busy, I need to catch up on some Shakespeare reading now. Stay tuned for more on life at Lewis and Clark next week! As always, if you have questions hit me up at jessicakostka@lclark.edu.