05 October 2015

Staying Busy...

Hello, it's Nicole again! Happy 1st week of Halloween! I'm a big fan of Halloween and have already started decorating my on-campus apartment.

Otherwise, I haven't had too hectic or exciting a week. I've been doing a lot of planning for some on-campus events that are going to be very big. The first is the Acapella OUTLoud Concert in honor of Coming Out Day. The event is hosted by the Queer Student Union and includes performances from all four Lewis & Clark acapella groups. I was responsible for organizing the groups' performances, recruiting other talent, and designing the poster - which we will start posting around campus this week. The second event is with Spiritual Que(e)ry and Mystical Groves - two spirituality-centric student organizations. This event is our 2nd Annual Art Show, and this week we just started putting a call out for student art. In the next week, we will look at reaching out for featured off-campus and local artists to also include. It's a lot of work, but I'm excited to see these events moving along.

And it's not just my club work keeping me busy. I also work some hours at the main dining hall on campus (called "the Bon" by students), and at Maggie's, the campus café. My favorite shift is my shift at Maggie's, simply because it's a lot more laid back, and we have great music playing. I work the late Saturday night shift, so it can get a little busy from time to time as students get their fix of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and chai lattes, but this particular Saturday was unusually busy. The change in pace was a bit tiring, but I felt proud that I felt that I've finally got the hang of using the milk steamer and can now make really good lattes. Also, even the busiest shifts are a lot of fun, since I see a lot of friends come through the café since it's so popular, and also my coworkers are a lot of fun to work with. Customers will often see us singing along to the songs on our playlists as we work.

For me, though, the real highlight of the week has been my English elective, "Film Adapting Fictions." I'm really glad that Lewis & Clark has so many interesting and fun classes - this one is no exception. The class has been focused on exploring novels that have been adapted to movies, in particular horror, suspense, and noir stories. We've studied Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho," and just recently analyzed "Double Indemnity" - a classic noir novel and film. Studying film noir has really been fascinating to look at it's historical influences, and then seeing how film noir as influenced later genres. As a big film fan, it's been creatively inspiring to explore film theory, from German expressionist influence on film noir, to the influence of audience spectatorship in horror films. Even though I am an International Affairs major, getting the opportunity to take an elective like this has already made this semester one of my favorite academic experiences at Lewis & Clark.

So while this week has kept me largely on campus, I plan to make this up to myself by participating in some cool on- and off-campus events this week. As we have no class on Thursday and Friday because of Fall Break, I am sure I will have a lot of time for adventures.

Until next time!