28 October 2015

The Spring Semester Looms! And Some Pictures...

Hello again! Last week was a flurry of academic updates for me. As I am graduating in May next year, I recently applied for my degree and learned I only need 5 credits to graduate. I, as you could imagine, am very thrilled. I have therefore decided that I'd like to be a part-time student next semester and focus on producing a fantastic honors-worthy thesis for my BA in International Affairs.
With the spring semester already looming so large on the horizon, I have already received so many questions about my plans after graduating... It's a little intimidating to be honest. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next year.
With my degree, I have been mastering my understanding of politics, state structure, and conflict. However, I also have interests outside of the confines on my major that I would love to incorporate into a career. Over the next couple of months, I hope to attend more of the career events that Lewis and Clark hosts to help guide seniors on their post-grad paths. If anything though, Lewis and Clark has prepared me to adapt to any post-grad situation, whether it be work in another field, continuing my studies, uprooting myself to a new setting, or a mix of everything.
Regardless of my post-grad plans, I am still looking forward to thesis as an opportunity to really show what makes me passionate in international affairs and that I can produce very compelling work.

To end this academic-heavy post, here are some pictures from throughout my week - I hope you enjoy them!


I made I quick interpretation of a Tunisian dish called shakshouka, which is basically a spiced tomato sauce with poached eggs cooked directly inside the sauce. Traditionally served with sausage inside the sauce and accompanied with bread, mine replaced the sausage with fried tofu and the bread with rice. I was really pleased with the result.

 On Friday my apartment-mates and I stayed in for a fun night of watching Steven Universe, exercising, and playing a rousing game of Skip-Bo.

On Saturday, a friend and I went to the Portland Art Museum to attend their Paradise exhibit. It was a free museum day with lots of exhibit events happening throughout the day and around the city, so a lot of people turned up for the gorgeous exhibit.

Afterwards, my friend and I went out for some Indian food at one of my favorite places downtown. I got some amazing ginger chicken that wasn't even on the menu!

I love how downtown Portland looks at twilight. This is Pioneer Square, the center of downtown.

Lastly, enjoy the misty Sunday morning we had. Until next week...

- Nicole