13 October 2015

Visit From Home

Thankfully this past week was Fall Break, so I was able to catch up on some sleep and relax. Still, I had football practice over the break, so my days were filled with studying for our game on Saturday against George Fox. The only real highlight of the first two days of my Fall Break besides sleeping was that I got to go downtown and finally get a haircut, which I badly needed!

Then on  Saturday, my parents and brother were able to come all the way from Southern California to watch me play my game. It always makes me really happy when I have people come to my games since I am so far from home and no one can come to my games usually. Unfortunately, the game didn’t go the way we wanted. We ended up losing 49 to 35, but it could have been a lot worse. We came out really flat in the first half, but we managed to make it a close game in the second half and battled the whole time. I had a really good game, but I wish we could have won. Hopefully next week we can bounce back and get our first win of the year. On the plus side for me, this week I was awarded one of the Defensive Players of the Week by my coaches!

After the game, I got to go and spend time with my family while they were still in town. That night after the game, we all went to P. F. Chang’s for dinner and it was so good! It is always nice when my family is here because I can be off campus for a little bit and see another part of Oregon that I usually don’t get to see. The dinner was really good, and I enjoyed being able to spend time with my parents and brother. It was a lot of fun to talk about our pets back home and how my brother’s football season is going. After dinner was all done, I went back to their hotel with them to spend the night there.

The next day we went shopping at a really cool outlet mall near Salem since I needed a new pair of gloves for football. Later, once we were done shopping, we headed into Portland to take a walk along the Willamette River and to see the view of downtown. The walk we chose was on the east side of the river, which I have never been to. They had several information charts on the waterfront that I had never seen before, and were very interesting to read! Most were about the history of Portland and how Lewis and Clark came to discover the area and about the efforts to clean stormwater before it enters the river. Portland and Lewis & Clark College try to be very environmentally friendly. Once we had walked around for a while, we then decided to go back and get dinner  before I had to get back to school and do homework.

Seeing my family this weekend was the boost I needed to make it to Thanksgiving. It’s weird how fast this semester is going so far. On the bright side, I did really well on all my midterms that I had before Fall Break. Now to just buckle down and knock this next month out.

Well, that’s all I have for this week. I hope everyone is hanging in there.

My dad, brother, and I on the river bank. 

Bad picture of my brother and I. I have a band-aid on my chin because I cut it open during the game

Nice view of the river!