06 October 2015

Weekend Visit

Last weekend my girlfriend Ava came up to visit me and spend the weekend here in Portland. It was perfect timing since last week was a bye for the football team, so I had nothing to do all weekend but spend time with her. It was a really nice break from all the work I have had.

Since she landed early in the morning when I still had class, my friend Mikey was generous and picked her up from the airport. Once I was done with class, I got back to my dorm as fast as I could where she was waiting for me. Since I was done with classes for that day, we  went to eat lunch at the Trail Room, one of the two places to eat here on campus which serves mostly pizza or hamburgers.

After eating lunch, we both decided to take a nap before heading to downtown Portland. Getting downtown is very easy here at Lewis & Clark. They provide a bus that comes usually every  hour  to transport students  to either Fred Meyers, a grocery store, or to downtown. Once it drops you off downtown, you are about two blocks away from the city square and a big mall. Ava and I always like to head down there to walk around and look at  all the stores. My favorite is the Nike store, which is three stories and has a lot of cool stuff.

After spending most of our afternoon down there, we went to our favorite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings. We both love going there because it has a variety of  of wings and sauces,  and it’s a nice place to sit down to eat and watch football. After that we got back on the Pio, what the bus is called here, and headed back to school.

The next day we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before. So Ava began to look for something for us to do. She had mentioned she wanted to head up to the International Rose Garden, so we got directions and set off to find it. It was much easier to get there than we initially thought. Once we got off the Pio downtown, we got on the public train called the MAX, and took it all the way up to Washington Park, where the rose gardens are  located. Once we got there though, we found out the Oregon Zoo is there as well! So instead of going to the rose gardens we decided to go into the zoo instead. It was really awesome to see all the animals there so close up. I even got to see my favorite animal, a cheetah! The coolest thing for me was being able to see the animals up so close because the San Diego Zoo separates the animals from the people more.

After the zoo, we didn’t really do a lot more. We just wanted to relax and spend time together. It’s always nice when she gets to come up here. Other than her visit, I’ve only really been working on classes and football. This past Monday I had two midterms for Organic Chemistry and Physics. Since it is Fall Break this week, I don’t have classes on Thursday and Friday so I’ll be able to relax a bit.  I will be probably catch up on work, sleep, and prepare for our upcoming game at George Fox. My parents and brother are coming up to see me and catch the game, so it’ll be nice to spend time with them.

That’s all I have for this week. I will fill you in on how our game goes this weekend. Also, here are a few pictures from the zoo.


Fruit bats just chilling.