11 November 2015

For Those Thinking of a Taking a Break from School

Hey all!

I won't pretend that this topic is not a big one, and I want to say before anything that there are so many stories and circumstances out there that I could never hope to address them all. That said, I'd like to talk about a very important topic that is relevant to anyone; that topic is taking a break from school.

As freshmen begin their journeys in college, some of them (even at LC) decide that life in school isn't the path for them or that they need some time to discover other parts of the world and themselves before diving into college. This is not a bad thing at all, but the fact of the matter is that the longer a person spends outside of school, the harder it is to get back into the routine and mindset of a college student. Now what I'm saying is not that time out of school is a bad thing: the opposite, really!
The view from this Saturday's Dog Mtn hike. Sometimes the world
is prettier when you can't see it clearly.
As a transfer student, I've taken a break from school; over my time away, I worked at and traveled to Grand Teton National Park, San Diego, Portland, Japan, and Alaska. Everyone has a different experience when they first leave school, and to many, it's equal parts scary and exciting. No doubt you'll learn and experience things that you could never could have been exposed to with the schedule of a student with academic, sports, and working responsibilities, and these lessons will be priceless down the road. Regardless of the path one might take during their time away from school, one common thread often exists: a deeper appreciation for school.

On the other hand, I've found that making the most out of summers provides many people with just the right amount of time outside of school to press the reset button. Others adore the student life and would be a student for life if it was financially possible.

Many of you reading this now are prospective students to LC and likely many other colleges across the world, and I want to ask you to ask yourself if what's best for your well-being is the prescribed high school to college path or a less-traditional path. There is no single right answer, everyone is different. If Lewis & Clark College is your goal (which is a great goal, BTW!), it will be here for you next fall, and it'll still be here for you the fall after - and the one after.

Questions? Comments? Want to go out for coffee? : )

For Fun
Bikes, rain, and Xmas lights in downtown.
I got "stuck" downtown yesterday because I missed the Pio returning to campus, so I had some spare time. It was raining lightly and was already dark, and combined with the city night lights, the atmosphere was just perfect for some coffee and jazz. In the midst of time micro-management and all the "to-do's" of the week, ironically getting stuck downtown with nothing to do was exactly the thing I needed. Portland is a very picturesque town as it is in the sunlight, but it really shines in the rain too. Christmas lights, the street-car lights, the weird water fountains, the soft light from local coffee shops, everything combines to create a super cozy city that seems to enjoy the rain rather than dread it. Portland, you've stolen my heart away.