08 November 2015

Getting Better

Friends from my NST made me a card.
I’ve been terribly sick since Wednesday so I haven’t really done anything other than sleep this weekend.  My professors have all been fantastic about it (probably because I warned them beforehand so please give them advanced notice if you do the same) and I am in the process of rescheduling the midterm I missed.

My other friends have been cautious of my health and have been trying to keep me out of the rain.  I also owe thanks to one of my TAs who told me I should probably not go to class the next day if I continued to feel bad.

Admittedly it’s quite strange being sick in front of other people.  Being homeschooled I normally hid in my room and avoided people (with the exception of that time I went camping with a case of walking pneumonia, but I didn’t know how bad it was so I am going to say that doesn’t count).

L&C Everyday Life: The Bon

It’s actually called Fields Dining Room, but I cannot recall ever hearing a student call it that.  Here it is known as The Bon (pronounced ‘bone’) because it is run by a company called Bon Appétit.  Actually Bon Appétit runs all of the food service here on campus, but only Fields is referred to as The Bon and I’m not quite sure why.

Want to know what's being served today?  It's all up at lewisandclark.cafebonappetit.com

Getting food is simple, walk through the entrance, have an employee swipe your L&C ID (or pay with some other method if you don’t have a meal plan), and after there it is more or less all you can eat buffet style dining.  Some items are served by employees so even if you come to breakfast on the later end there is still bacon left.  Their menu changes frequently so you aren’t always stuck eating the same thing.
Zombie Night at The Bon

Occasionally they’ll have a theme night such as Zombie Night a couple days before Halloween.

They are quite accommodating to various dietary needs; allergies, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.; and you can always find something to eat. Lunch and dinner there is always a salad bar and chopped fruit is served with every breakfast.  For every meal they serve bread (& its various toppings), cereal, and ice cream.

There is a revolving dish rack in the back of the dining hall where you place your used dishes and any trash.  Don’t forget to yell “thank you.” 

Do you have any questions?  Feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu