11 November 2015

Last Home Game and a Weekend Visit

This past weekend my girlfriend Ava came up to spend the weekend with me and to watch my final home game of the year. Although we weren’t able to win, it was still really awesome to have someone in the stands watching me.

Since she came in late on Thursday night, I was able to pick her up from the airport right after my practice ended and once we got back to campus we went straight to bed since I had a test the next morning for calculus. So while I was in classes that morning, Ava slept in and then finished up some of her work. It worked out perfectly that she came this weekend since my physics class was canceled that afternoon, which meant I could spend some time with her before my practice.

Once that finished up, we waited for our friend Mikey to come out and meet us so that we all could go to dinner. It ended up being Mikey, Blake, Ava, and I that went out to dinner that night. We ended up agreeing on a small Mexican restaurant that was across the Willamette River. It was really good! That’s one of my favorite things about Portland. It has so many different food options to choose from that I am never able to get at home.

Due to my game the next day, that’s all we really did that Friday night. It was just nice to get off campus for a while and eat off campus. After my game the next day, we spent most of that evening downtown shopping and of course eating at our favorite place, Buffalo Wild Wings. It wouldn’t be a trip from Ava without a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings. After that we headed back to school and spent the rest of the night watching the TV show “How to Get Away With Murder”.

Sunday morning we got up and went downtown again to eat at another one of our favorite spots, Brunch Box. It is so good! It makes all kinds of breakfast foods. They specialize in making their sandwiches have an two grilled cheeses on either side. Once we were done, we wandered around for a little while and eventually met up with her brother downtown. We spent a little bit of time walking around with him. It was nice to see him since I hadn’t for a while.

Now that Ava has left, it’s back to normal for a bit before Thanksgiving. I have a test for physics this week, which I will be studying a lot for. Fortunately, I only have to push through two more weeks until it’s Thanksgiving.

Until next week
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Me after the game with some messy hair.

Exploring Powell's

We got caught in the rain downtown on Sunday.