03 November 2015

OMS Mushroom Show

I got up early on Sunday morning to help set up the Oregon Mycological Society’s Fall Mushroom Show.    I have never seen anything like it before.  They have tables and tables of mushrooms on display. I found it amazing.

Mostly my job was to help make the displays look nice.  They have little mushroom stands which need to be partially buried in mulch and labels that need to be stood.  I also helped organizing the mushrooms by directing them to the right tables and making sure like were with like.

It was a lot of fun and later in the day some of my friends from College Outdoors turned up to admire the displays.

The TriMet Logo

The Pioneer express (AKA the Pio, L&C’s shuttle) does not actually go to the place the show was held (the World Forestry Center), luckily Portland has a fantastic public transportation system ( http://trimet.org/ ) that you can use to get almost anywhere in Portland.

Random Note:

„Schneiderschere schneidet scharf. Scharf schneidet Schneiderschere.“

In German the other day we were practicing tongue twisters. This one translates as “Tailor's scissors cut sharp. Sharp cut tailor's scissors.”

L&C Everyday Life: Laundry 

Generally housed in the basement of your dorm, you will find a handful of front-loading laundry machines.  Every one of those is free so long as you live on campus.  (As a college student, ‘free’ will swiftly become one of your favorite words). A couple rules apply to the usage of these machines, but mostly they fall under the heading of “be considerate.”  Don’t leave your laundry sitting in the machines for hours on end (keeping other people from doing their laundry); don’t leave the place a mess; and be respectful of other people’s stuff.  It’s fairly simple.

Things you will want to own: laundry basket/bag, some form of detergent, and other laundry things if you use strange items such as dryer sheets.

Have questions?  Feel free to email me at ameliaberle@lclark.edu