03 November 2015

Settling Down at LC - Or is there such a thing?

Hey all!

It's been over 10 weeks since the start of the school year - and my time here at LC!
Looking back so far, it's been one crazy fun ride, but as any rollercoaster, the fun (or the horror) has to come to an end at some point - or does it have to? 10 weeks seems like enough time to be "settled in" to a new environment, enough time that the newness of the faces, classes, and environment turns into the norm. So the big question is: Do I feel settled?

What's weird yet wonderful (this pattern you'll see across much of Portland) about my life so far at LC is that Yes I do feel settled here. BUT at the same time I don't feel settled because I don't feel static here - As soon as I've settled down into my routine (10 weeks into my first term here), I am, along with the rest of the campus, gearing up for the very near future. Whether it would be applying for study abroad programs (we are well known for our emphasis on Study Abroad) or picking your new courses or building your resume for a summer job, there are few moments, if any at all, when I am static in life at LC.

You will gain many friends here, you will find a dorm you like, you will know whether you prefer the Bon (main dining hall) or the Trail Room (side dining hall) depending on your daily appetite. You will know the vibe at Maggie's (our residential halls cafe) and at Dovecoat (academic campus cafe). You will find a club or group of people here that bond through shared interests, and you will find your "hangouts" on campus. Yet even with all these things, you will not be "settled," for Lewis & Clark College doesn't let you stay in one place for very long. And for those looking for a fulfilling experience in college, that is definitely a one-up.

For Fun

Banana slugs... banana slugs everywhere!
This week, I want to talk a bit about mini-adventures. Mini-adventures are those short bursts of randomness you inject into everyday life to keep the gears that handle all the normal work-week stuff rolling smoothly. Inevitably at any school, you will feel bogged down by impending assignments and work, but luckily at LC, mini-adventures are very much something that students embark on all the time. From a quick pit-stop downtown to gobble up some killer food cart grub to a hop over to Tryon Creek State park right next door, even on campus with our hiking trail system, you'll always have good options for mini-adventures. Mine was last Thursday; I took my bike down to Tryon Creek State Park for a few miles of biking glory and hopped off to enjoy an hour and a half hike through old-growth forests and fresh air (although we have tons of fresh air anyway on campus!). After my mini-adventure, I was glad to return to a piping hot meal with friends back on campus!