13 November 2015

Spring Registration Already!?

Who could believe that we are already almost done with November! There are only a handful of weeks left in the semester - where did all the time go??

This week was the first round of registration for Spring 2016 and I registered for a 200 level English class. A 200-level class is intended usually for sophomores, and the class in an introduction to fiction writing. As someone who wants to develop their writing, especially in a fiction direction, I am so excited about getting the opportunity to have my original writing critiqued. I think having a writing inside class like that is the only way I'll really be making strides in my creative writing development.

Next semester will definitely be writing heavy for me, as I will also be taking my International Affairs Seminar to complete my thesis for graduation. International affairs is one of the majors on campus that requires a thesis to graduate. I will be pursuing an honors thesis, so my hope is that my writing will improve drastically next semester so that I can produce the greatest possible thesis I can.

Because of thesis and this intensive English class, I've decided that I will be a part-time student next semester and only take 8 credits. As I only need 5 credits to graduate, which include my IA seminar class, this poses no problems to my graduation plans. What this would mean is that instead of paying a flat tuition cost, I will be paying by the unit. But for me, however, the savings are great enough to support it. Besides, this will allow me more time to focus on my thesis, my original writing for my fiction class, and my jobs. I'm really excited about having planned my four years here well enough to have this opportunity to have a lighter workload.

Now, as for things I've done in the past week or so... Last weekend, my friend Allie from University of Oregon in Eugene came up to visit and spent a night in Portland. We went together to see the mainstage production of "The King Stag." The play was beautifully costumed and the set was done so well - the production really speaks to the quality of Lewis & Clark's technical theater classes. The actors also did a really fantastic job and I was pleased to see so many newcomers in breakout roles. See such an engaging production really inspired me to maybe get involved next semester in Once Upon A Weekend, the One Acts, or even the mainstage! I do have the time in my schedule after all.

Me with the "King Stag" program

I'll be posting again very soon, so I'll leave this post for now. Apologies for the briefness and the lack of photos, but I'll surely be compensating in my next addition.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ncalande@lclark.edu.

Goodbye for now!
- Nicole