07 February 2016

Of Vicious Buses and Far Off Parks

Yesterday I caught the bus down to Oregon City to visit a small park run by the Nature Conservancy.  Minus the fact that the bus tried to eat me (read: slammed shut on me, but left everyone else alone), the travel went without a hitch.  Since Oregon City is south of Portland, instead of catching the Pio (L&C’s shuttle) into Portland and taking public transportation from there like I normally do, I walked about 20 minutes down Palatine Hill Rd to catch the southbound 35.  Oregon City, at least the portion I was in, is decorated with waterfalls and one very long staircase.

Camassia Natural Area is a small park in West Linn (a town just above Oregon City).  One of my biology professors volunteers there over the summer so I decided to go and visit it.  The park is beautiful and well kept; they have volunteers year round removing invasive species and working to maintain the historic oak woodland.  It’s a bit out of the way, but if you are interested in seeing what the Willamette Valley looked like 150 years ago this would be the place to go.

L&C Everyday Life: Bio Help Center

For some classes here, TAs will host help centers in the evening for any students who are having problems or just want to get to get together to study for a while.  My biology lab team got together at the help center tonight to finish up the introduction to one of our upcoming papers.  Lots of other students form study groups or just work on homework together.

 Helpful links:

Shuttles at L&C: http://www.lclark.edu/offices/transportation_and_parking/shuttle/

Portland public transportation: http://trimet.org/