09 February 2016

Snowboarding at Mt. Hood

What a nice weekend it was! The sun came out and there was a hardly a cloud in the sky, which was a very nice change from all the overcast days and rain we’ve been having. When it is sunny here, it feels so refreshing in the sun when I walk to class. Sadly, tomorrow is going to bring more rain for quite a while, so who knows when it’ll get sunny again.

Since the weather was so nice, my friends and I decided to take advantage of a good weekend to go snowboarding on Saturday at Mt. Hood. It was even better because nights at one of the three resorts on the mountain has skiing and snowboarding for only $34, which is great for college students! Once we woke up and ate brunch, we all piled into my friend’s car with all of our gear to drive up there. It was Blake, Cale, Dylan, and I who all went up for the day.

The three resorts on Mt. Hood are Timberline, Meadows, and Ski Bowl.  We went to Ski Bowl, which isn't technically on the mountain, but is right next to it and has a great view of the surrounding area. It was a lot of fun for all of us to get off campus and go do something really exciting. With the weather being so nice, it wasn’t all that cold which made me pretty happy since I usually don’t like the cold too much. Once we got hungry, we ate dinner at the lodge there and then snowboarded until 9ish before we headed back.

The next day was the Super Bowl, so Blake and I rented a projector from the library to watch the game. We set it up in his common room so that we could have a bigger screen to view the game. A few of our teammates came by and sat with us while the game was being played. It was a very nice day to relax and enjoy a football game. I was really happy that the Broncos won and that Peyton Manning got another ring.

Now that the weekend is over, it’s time to buckle down and start studying for all my tests that are coming up soon. All four of my classes have tests within a week of each other, so it is going to be a lot of time spent studying in the library for a while. That’ll keep me busy until next week.

Until next week,
My friend messing around. 

Taking in Mt. Hood. 

View from the very top of Ski Bowl.