01 March 2016

Groceries, Dogs, & Fire

Last week involved a late-night grocery shopping adventure on my way back from a scout meeting.  After getting off the MAX (Portland’s light rail system) on my way back to Lewis & Clark, I had 15 minutes before I needed to catch the bus. With those 15 minutes I managed to purchase enough groceries for the week and to walk a couple blocks to catch the Pio (L&C’s shuttle) back home. It was interesting for me because I come from a small town and the stores aren’t generally open that late.

Last week also involved a lot of dogs. I got to spend time with my friend’s dog, Lanie, which was a lot of fun. Then my E&D professor brought his dog, Violet, to meet our class.  Both dogs are quite well trained and Violet was doing tricks for us such as jumping through someone’s arms or playing dead.

I have also been doing a lot of practice with the fire staff as Lewis and Clark’s fire arts club has a (Star Wars themed) show coming up. We have recently gained a couple new props. In addition to the fire knives, staffs, machete, dragon staff, baton, juggling sticks, and poi we now have a hoop and a sword.  I’m really excited for the upcoming spring show.

L&C Everyday Life: Getting Around Campus

I enjoy walking, which is probably a good thing because I live in the dorm farthest from everything, but if you’re uninterested in even the short walk from your dorm to class there are still options.  Every day I see a collection of skateboards, bikes, scooters, and just about everything small and wheeled headed towards classes.  It is completely unnecessary if you live on campus, but probably quite nice if you live off campus or want to bike to a grocery store instead of taking Lewis and Clark’s shuttle.