01 March 2016

In Perspective: The College Life

Hey all!

Take a look at my past week. Looks busy? (and that's not including half of my weekly schedule)

There's no doubt that the college life can be full of stress. Classes can be demanding, money can be tight, jobs need working, friends will be calling, applications need doing. It's easy to loose sight of why we're even in college, indeed many do and decide to pursue other paths, and as someone who's strayed from the prescribed highschool-to-college path, I can tell you that some time out of school can be the most valuable time. And I don't even mean taking a gap year. Of course that's a great option if possible, but what I emphasize on is the summer break. If you're lucky during the summer, you can stay at home and relax all day doing whatever you'd like to do, but for most people including myself, working in the summer is a reality. It's not bad news though: having a full-time summer job or internship can ironically leave you more prepared for the fall when school begins again. Unlike certain jobs, college provides you with variety; it challenges you mentally and promotes personal growth as well as skill-set growth; it surrounds you with like-minded people who are aspiring you-name-it's. The people I know who understand this simple distinction approach college differently. Suddenly, that college schedule-book full of fun-but-challenging-things-to-do seems like a walk in the park against another 10 hour shift washing dishes. So if you haven't already, go find yourself a summer job!

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Cheers everybody! Jay

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