01 March 2016

Working on Campus

It is already March! Where has the time gone. This semester is flying by. I feel as if I have maybe been here for two weeks instead of a month and a half. I suppose it could be either a good or bad thing. My homework is non-stop, so that makes time go by much faster. It has been fun though, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

So this past weekend, I worked the softball games here at Lewis & Clark. Unfortunately for our softball team, we are in the Pacific Northwest, where the weather is incredibly unpredictable. One minute it will be pouring rain and the next it will be sunny. Even as I am writing, the rain alternates from pouring to nothing every five minutes.  It’s hard with softball and baseball because if it begins to rain, they have to cover the field with tarps to make sure the field stays dry. Also, it was very cold this weekend, which didn’t help either. At the games, all I had to do was the scoreboard. I have to keep track of the ball and strikes, the runs, hits, and errors. Thankfully there is another person that sits next to me who keeps track of all the plays, so I can be accurate. I also help track the plays that happen.

So other than work, I have been busy with classes. One of my labs that we just did in my Organic Chemistry was really cool. We were able to determine where certain things landed on a six-membered carbon ring using a giant magnet that the chemistry department has. It’s pretty complex, but when you take the class it makes sense and is really cool. Basically certain nuclei have magnetic charges and then line up in a way that we can measure using a powerful magnetic. It struck me how crazy science really is.

Other than that, it is time to start studying since I have tests before spring break. It’s crazy how fast this semester is going. Until next week.

Working the softball game.

10 minutes before I took this photo it was pouring rain.