05 April 2016

Family Visit

School is definitely gearing up for the final few weeks of this semester. It’s crazy that we only have less than four weeks of classes left. This semester has flew by. I am ready to get out for the summer, but first I have to finish this semester.

Last week was pretty rough, especially since it was the first week back from spring break. Normally after a break, it takes me some time to ease back into the routine of school. However, since it is near the end of the semester, I had to jump right back into the groove of working right away. On top of the normal homework in physics and calculus, I had a test in organic chemistry and a manuscript to write for my bio lab. It was pretty tough, but thankfully last week is over with. Now that those two things are over with, the rest of the semester should be fairly easy for me. I just have to keep studying and start preparing for my finals.

Even though I was really busy last week, it was still nice to have my family here for the week since we had all driven up the week before. While I was in classes, they were here touring Lewis & Clark College and Willamette University for my brother, who is going to be a freshman next year. I really enjoyed having them here, especially because I could take a break from classes and go be with them after I was done with class. After my parents left on Thursday, my brother Alex stayed with me over the weekend to do an overnight visit for our football program here.

On Saturday morning, since his visit with our coaches were over, he wanted to go up to Mt. Hood to go snowboarding. We were able to get up there early in the day. While it is nice that it is starting to turn into spring here in Portland, the hotter temperatures meant that the snow was beginning to melt very rapidly. So while we were snowboarding, the snow became slushy and stuck to our boards, which made it pretty tough to slide evenly in the snow. Even though it wasn’t the best of conditions, the day was nice and sunny, making the day very beautiful.

So after Alex’s visit, it’s back to school once again. Fortunately this week will be pretty easy. With only a couple of weeks left, it’s nice to feel a sense of relief as the semester ends. That's all I have for this week. Until next week,


Above the timberline on Mt. Hood.

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