03 April 2016


Yesterday was the luau.  Each year the Hawaii Club hosts a luau (catered by Bon Appetite, of course).  Entrance is free if you have a meal plan and there is plenty of Hawaiian-themed food.  In addition to food there are crafts, a photo booth, raffles, and a show. I was surprised at how much work goes into it.

It’s held in the gym and the entire gym floor is covered to protect it from scratches, a stage is set up as well as some booths, and the entire room is filled with tables.  In addition to many individual practices, there were multiple run-throughs of the entire show.  Fire Arts preformed in the show so I spent a lot of time there even though I was only backstage help.

The show is fast-paced so I was helping fuel the fire knives for the performers.  An important part of fueling the knives is to spin off the extra fuel so that no one accidentally lights the curtains on fire.  It went really well, there was plenty of applause and no accidents. 

In addition to Fire Arts, there were lots of other amazing dancers in the show.  They had a dance done by the seniors in Hawaii club, a war dance, a dance by the faculty, a couple’s dance, and many others.

Admittedly that took more or less my entire Saturday so I have nothing else to report other than that the weather has been beautifully sunny these last few days and that time’s flying quickly. Classes end in less than a month and I’m not quite sure how that happened.