04 April 2016

The Pacific Northwest is breathtaking!

  Whether you are debating or not to make a transition to the Pacific Northwest from the midwest, the east coast, another country, Texas or Southern California (yes, those two count as there own region), the Pacific Northwest is no doubt a great match for just about everyone. Let me explain. . .

 First of all, there are numerous amounts of hikes, and adventures that you can go on! Especially just a few minutes from Portland. In Portland you can easily take a weekday and adventure out along the Columbia River Gorge, or go a bit down south of the Columbia River and check out Mount Hood. You can also head up to Washington and check out the lakes and the gorgeous waterfalls. If you ever find yourself wanting to do a short road trip, Canada is also an option.  Now if you're not much into the outdoors or would prefer to hibernate and stay warm during the winter, portland is also a great place for you to do that. From the months of November to April, Portland receives rain almost everyday. If its not raining, then it is still most likely cloudy (great whether to read, watch netflix and hibernate right?). 

Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada

Snoqualmie River in Washington 

Snoqualmie Falls