02 October 2016


More lengthily known as Chinese Food & German Board Games night.

Not even being on sabbatical can prevent Professor Peter Drake and his wife, Heather, from inviting hordes of students to their house to feast upon take-out Chinese food and challenge each other upon various square cardboard battlefields.  While the title does say German, fluency in multiple languages is not a requirement.  When they say German board games, they mean games somewhere between easy children’s games (such as Monopoly) and games that take a lifetime to master (such as Go).  Examples include Settlers of Catan, Flash Point Fire Rescue, and Evolution.  These games, many of which were designed in Germany, have about the right level of challenge to stay interesting but also finish soon enough that others get a chance and you have the opportunity to try other games.

Violet. While interested in games, she prefers the kind
that involve treats.

So that’s what I did with my Saturday.  Even if you don’t get to know Professor Drake while you’re here, there are plenty of chances to play board games. Lewis & Clark’s Gaming Society and Go Club are both rather active.  Additionally, if you want to see what other options there are club-wise, take a look here http://college.lclark.edu/student_life/student_organizations/  Though don’t forget that you can always start your own club.

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