11 October 2016

Fall Break

This past week was our fall break, which was really nice to have after having a week of tests. We had no classes on Thursday and Friday, which meant I had time to finally relax and catch up on some reading for my biology and comparative politics class and sleep. While a lot of people went home for a few days, I had to stay here on campus since we had a game against George Fox this weekend.

Since there was no school on Thursday or Friday, all of the linebackers, which is the position I play for football, decided to go out for dinner Thursday night since we didn't have class the next day. We all ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings so that we could watch the football games that were on that night. It was a really good time because we all got to enjoy some great  food and hang out without having to worry about football or school for awhile. Plus the wings were good too. It’s my favorite restaurant!

Unfortunately we lost this weekend to George Fox. It was a really tough game, but sadly a few things didn’t go our way. Even though we didn’t win, everyone has kept their heads up and are just focusing now on winning the game this week. We are definitely trying Losing just  sucks, but fortunately my team is really good, and we will  learn from the loss.

After the game on Saturday, fall in the Pacific Northwest really kicked off. Some time that afternoon it began to rain and didn’t stop until some time Sunday night. While the rain is nice, coming from a desert, it is still something I am not quite used to still. Thankfully the past two days have been beautiful  and sunny which is something I always enjoy.

That’s all for this week,


Linebacker Dinner

Finally some sun!