02 October 2016

Hi friends!

Hi friends! My name is Kate, and I’ll be one of the Real Life bloggers this year.

hello :) its me, on my NST
(probably not the best choice of a pic since this was our last night on the river after a week of no showers, but oh well)

I’m a sophomore and I’m majoring in Bio chem/molecular bio on the pre-med track. I work with the school’s College Outdoors program - which is fantastic and you should definitely get involved. I also work in the bookstore and with the Student Support Services. I’m also dancing in Dance X again and I help to run the Pugilism Club. So if anyone has any questions about any of these programs or anything else, feel free to contact me! ksaylor@lclark.edu

Dance X 2015

So a bit about me, I was born in China, adopted and grew up just outside of Boston, and my mom moved to Seattle so that’s where I go for holidays. I was a competitive gymnast for years and after a shoulder injury prevented me from returning, I focused more on dance. I’ve done ballet, lyrical, contemporary and Chinese Traditional dance, I also do a little bit of hip hop and I just joined the Hip Hop Club on campus.

I also love to travel. I’ve been to Costa Rica and El Salvador doing volunteer work, and I’ve traveled back to China to tour with the Chinese Government in a special program. I also love to travel around the states and this past summer I worked in Colorado at a ranch camp teaching gymnastics (½ of my instagram is dedicated to here lol). I love the outdoors and being outside and active. Through the College Outdoors Program I am training to be a raft guide, and hopefully next summer I can spend the first few weeks  of next summer working in Colorado as a raft guide so I can be a trip specialist on possibly one of your guys’ NST … ;) hint hint. NSTs are a fabulous idea!

My NST group 2015
Trying out guiding on one of the Deschutes trips during the year

Anyways, school is in full swing and I have my first set of exams this coming week (send help!). But after all will be good since it'll be FALL BREAKKK! I will post every weekend - although next week it might be Monday since I'll be away on the Raft Guide Training trip through Sunday!

If you have any questions shoot me an email at: ksaylor@lclark.edu My phone is always on me so it'll be a quick response. Or if you want to find me on instagram: kmjys97 you can see cool pics of campus, around Portland or just what I’m up to :)  

Cheers for now!