11 October 2016

Playing with Fire

I’m one of the two vice presidents for L&C Fire Arts.  This means that over fall break I was one of the people helping put on a fire jam Friday night in front of Maggie’s (a campus store).  A jam means that it’s neither scripted nor choreographed, just us out there with fire and music.  Members of Fire Arts learn to spin fire on a variety of devices: fire knives, staffs, poi, a rope dart, a hula hoop, batons, and fire swords.  Basically, our rule is “If Jackie Chan could kill someone with it, we’ll light it on fire and spin it at high speeds.”  Anyway, the jam was a lot of fun, the new members got some practice preforming in front of an audience and we got to show off in front of a bunch of people here for a computer science conference.

Oregon is a fantastic place to play with fire because during the winter it rains rather frequently. Nothing bad, no storms, just often drizzly.  I don’t mind it much, but it’s a change for those who come from drier places.  I managed to choose the rainiest day of the week to go visit Tryon Creek State Natural Area.  It’s an easy walk from campus, the nature center is maybe a half-hour’s walk, but the near portion of the park is a lot closer.  Tryon is lovely and lots of students go there to enjoy jogging, hiking, or just avoiding their homework. 

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