17 October 2016

Tardiness and Tangents

Hey Friends!

I’m sorry I’m late again!

This past week was fully loaded with tons of work and exams and studying into early hours of the morning. I had a lab practical exam in my Invertebrate Zoology Biology class with Greta Binford. (Tangent: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! If you’re a bio major and have taken Bio141 - the more larger scale environmental and animal type biology course then you should definitely take InvertZo. Greta is INCREDIBLE, I absolutely love her and her class. She’s crazy enthusiastic and loves teaching this course. It’s very high workload and there are a lot of details and little things you need to know. Greta describes it as learning a new language and you really are. But our labs are really cool, we’re introduced to nearly every invertebrate we study and get to see either slides of them or the full animal. The amount of diversity we have access to is overwhelming. We’ve dissected a lot of them and get to do a ton of hands on work. Among the invertebrates we’ve dissected: actiniaria  (sea anemone), nematoda (parasitic roundworm), and merostomata (horseshoe crab). We also have 2 field trips in the course; one to an old growth forest: HJ Andrews and one to the coast.) It’s such an amazing course and I’ve learned so much. It’s the type of course that makes you think “I want to do this with my life. I want to know more.” …….That was a long tangent… sorry. But long story short: if you’re into animal biology it’s an incredible course!) Anyways, because it is a lot to know and we do look at so much in lab, the lab practical exam was a whole hell of a lot to study. We had to be able to identify all the different species to the most specific taxonomic resolution, and then also be able to label all the body parts. I think I put in about 12 hours of studying in two days and spent one night until 1:30 in the lab. It’s the other side of the fun college life, it is a lot of work, but it pays off. So yeah, these last two weeks were rough.

Cross Section of a Nematode. (Sorry I didn't save any photos from the horseshoe crab)

HJ Andrews Old Growth Forest

Luckily this was probably my first weekend all semesters where I didn’t have a mountain load of stuff to do. No exams to study for, not too much homework to do and no trips with College Outdoors. I had a lot of dance on Sunday but overall I really just slept. Sunday I had a dance showing and then dance rehearsal. The showing is a closed showing just so that choreographers and dancers can see what the other groups have been working on.

Anyways, I keep meaning to make a post entirely on working with College Outdoors but I don’t want to make this one too long. So I’ll probably post twice this week -- look for it on Wednesday, but I’ll do a post entirely on how to get involved, how to move up the leader ladder and what they offer. If any of that sounds interesting or you’re like, “what the heck is all that?” stay tuned!

Sorry for being late and rambling off on a tangent!
Cheers for now
Kate <3

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