18 October 2016

Timbers Game

This past week, if you haven’t seen the weather news, was a crazy one for Portland. Oregon got hit by a rather big storm that was the remnants of a typhoon in the Pacific. So we even got more rain than usual, and even some really strong winds. On Friday night apparently, a large branch fell off a tree in the middle of campus. That isn’t the first time a tree has fallen over here on campus. My freshman year some rather strong winds snapped a tree in half, but no one has ever been hurt here on campus.

With the football game being away this weekend, we really missed the worst of the storm. The place we were playing really didn’t have such crazy rain, which made it nicer to play in. While the rain wasn’t an issue, the wind sure did bite through the clothing anyone had on. Unfortunately it was another tough loss this game. We had some unfortunate breakdowns, but there are still four games left this year, and we are all working our hardest to get a win.

For the past month or so the Campus Activities Board has been selling tickets to a Timbers game. The Timbers are the local Major League Soccer team here in Portland, and Lewis & Clark buys  tickets and then sells them to us for a cheaper price so that the students can attend these games. So two of my friends, my brother, and I all decided to buy tickets to go see the game this past Sunday. This is the third year in a row that I have been to see the Timbers play, and it is always a lot of fun. Our seats were near the Timbers Army, which is the season tickets holder section. These fans chant the entire game and don’t sit down even when the team is playing. It is a really electric environment to be in, and it makes the games a lot of fun. It is even more fun when the Timbers win, which is what they did on Sunday. If you ever fly with Alaska Airlines, make sure to wear some Timbers gear so you can board earlier!

Other than the rain that has been persistent this week, everything is going well. Until next week.


View of the stadium 

The Timbers Army is off to the left in the picture. 

Alex and I after this game.