16 October 2016

Typhoon Songda and The Inclement Weather

Hello All,

The rain is here and it is here to stay. As I’m writing this on Sunday, I’m forced to now recall the last three days worth of rain.  
For those of you reading this outside of the West Coast area, the remnants of a typhoon that originally swept through Japan—called Typhoon Songda—were predicted to blow through Portland on Saturday afternoon.  As I have very little knowledge of meteorology and weather systems, I encourage you readers to research the event further to understand what exactly occurred. 

The storm blew in Friday night, and of course I was caught directly in the middle of it. It poured some of the hardest rain I’d ever witnessed on campus for about ten minutes, and I was outside, uncovered, for nine of those ten minutes.  Needless to say, I was soaked.  My clothes from Friday have yet to completely dry.  However, while the storm was predicted to cause damage to trees and perhaps even buildings on campus, L&C made it out of the storm relatively unscathed, which was fantastic.

As the weather shifts to winter rains, I’ve now begun my hopes for snow to fall in December.

For those of you who missed my first couple of posts, I finish each post with a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life.  Additionally, I add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Sunday: What’s the difference between a fish and a guitar?
You can tune a guitar but you can’t tuna fish!

Song of the Week: “Give Me Something” by Jarryd James

I’ll be posting weekly on the Real Life Blog, on either Saturday or Sunday.  For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu. 

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