14 November 2016

A Quiet Week

Hello All,

This week’s post will be particularly short, due to extraneous events.  The recent election has left many on campus--including myself--agitated and tired, and with Thanksgiving break right around the corner, the mood on campus is one of somber and quiet nature.  Therefore, not many things to write about.  

However, life goes on, and it truly stops for nobody.

This last weekend I attended “Goth Prom” with some friends.  It was an event hosted by the LC Radio Station KLC and was a great time. The music and decorations were a bit odd, but the dance was fun nonetheless.  Other than that, nothing of excitement happened for me in the last week!

I finish each post with a cheap joke, as I believe humorous puns are the spice of life, and we could all use a joke at the present time. Additionally, I add a “Song of the Week” in order for you readers to get to know me more personally.

Cheap Joke Monday: What job did the frog have at the hotel?

Song of the Week: “Kind of Love” by MAALA

I’ll be posting weekly on the Real Life Blog, on either Saturday or Sunday (except for this week, again my apologies). For any questions, comments, or cheap jokes you’d like to share with me, you may contact me via email at zack@lclark.edu.