15 November 2016


I had an organic chemistry exam last Wednesday and a calculus exam a few hours ago.  Consequently, I have maximized my study time and thus minimized the time on anything you could possibly be interested in reading about.

I suppose I’ll introduce all of you to Gerald.  Outside of my roommate, Gerald is the friend I see most.  Though, this is mainly because he comes to the feeder attached to my window.  Gerald is an Anna’s hummingbird.  They stay in Portland year round so he’ll likely be visiting us until we leave for winter break.

Gerald has been a delight to get to know because he packs more personality per gram than any other creature I’ve met.  For such tiny things, hummingbirds are extremely territorial.  Gerald is the only hummingbird that will come to the feeder; this is because he’ll chase off anybody else who tries. Fun fact, 95% of the language of hummingbirds is made up of cusswords.  While they may seem too cute for that to be true, you’ll know what I mean once you hear the shrill chips they use as they are running off an unwanted visitor. 

The only other thing of note is my recent baking adventures.  My roommate is allergic to gluten and so, since I’m a semi-nice person, I have been attempting to bake with sorghum flour.  This has turned out pretty decently, but apparently I’m allergic to her flour.  This means I cannot eat her cookies and she cannot eat mine.  While this is a good arrangement for roommates, it does make baking a bit harder because we're determined to feed the other in addition to ourselves.

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