08 November 2016

Getting Busy

What a crazy few weeks it has been! As the semester starts to wind down, a lot of my classes are starting to have final projects, and the last of my tests are coming up. This week, I have a test for my Structural Biochemistry class. Next week I have a test in my Molecular Biology class. Then the week after that I have to present a paper in my Biochem class. It is going to be an incredibly busy next few weeks for me. Thankfully after that is Thanksgiving, which I am looking forward to so that I can relax.

This is our last week of football. It is crazy to think that in 5 days the season will be over for us. Even though it hasn’t exactly turned out the way we have wanted it to, it still has been a lot of fun, and we have improved a lot. I believe that next year will be the year that we can finally turn it around. As for now, we are focusing on our last game, which is against Whitworth University. It is nice because it is a home game for us. The past two years we have had to travel to them, and the school is located in Spokane, which is not a pleasant drive by bus. It will be nice to have them finally travel here.

The past two weekends have been nice because there have been friends and family visiting. Two weekends ago, my whole family came up to watch our home game against Willamette. It was a really good weekend to get to see them and get off campus for a bit. They were able to all come and get tours of the campus and go to a lot of events because it was parents weekend. Then this past weekend, my girlfriend’s parents were in town visiting her brother, so my brother and I got to see them for a little bit this weekend. We met them for pizza and ice cream on the North Side of Portland, and got to catch up with them for a bit.

Other than that, it will be super busy for me. That's all for now!


With my girlfriends mom and my brother. 

With my family after our Willamette game.