05 November 2016

Sun and Smiles

Hey friends!

If you already live in the portland area you know we’ve had an unexpected but very much appreciated stretch of good sunny weather **until today**. The sun is great for two reasons; 1 we're about to lose an extra hour of sun for Daylight Savings and two this weather has made campus come to life so much more. We’re in the second round of exams and just finished the 10th week (WHAT, that’s literally insane to think about) and people are getting stressed again, but the sun makes everyone's mood a bit more energetic. You’ll see this in the spring too, and it’s the absolute best, but when the sun comes out after a long stretch of rain everyone gets out. People lay out on the glade or the lawn by the reflection pool, they stop and hang out outside Howard Academics, you don’t have to rush from place to place because if you stop to talk you don’t get cold and wet. Another good week on the books for me. Exams are coming up, I spent last night downtown studying which is something I really like to do. As beautiful as campus is it’s always fun to get off for a while, plus I've found I focus much better off campus.

I don't have a whole lot of exciting new stuff to talk about, but I thought I'd give a little photo tour of how stunning this campus (a bit of downtown) is.

Downtown Friday night

Just one of the iconic "Portland" signs 

Pac Man lawn 

View from above the Reflecting Pool looking at Mt. Hood

Lawn underneath the Reflecting Pool

Bridge from Platt Howard to Academics

As always, if you have any questions of just want to chat you can always reach me at ksaylor@lclark.edu

Cheers <3