11 February 2017

A Typical Midterm Weekend

Hey friends!

How are we already into the 4th week?! It's midterm season! My life and work load has just exponentially increased with exams starting. I have a biology midterm on Monday, then psych and calculus on Friday, and organic chem the following Monday. AHHHH. 

This week was another blur, full of dance and labs, but overall a pretty good week. 

Yesterday (Friday) I had all four of my classes. After my last class my friend and I grabbed a quick snack break at Maggie's cafe, the on-campus coffee shop area, it's super cute and just a nice place to go and grab a coffee or go and study out of your dorm and not in the library. My biology professor, Dr. Greg Hermann had a review session in the late afternoon that I went to as well. For all you biology majors out there or anyone who likes biology in general, while you're at Lewis and Clark try to take a lecture from Greg. He is the funniest professor I've had. He's super fun and really relaxed, he makes the lecture an active learning environment and really promotes asking questions and being involved so you're not just sitting for an hour with the professor talking at you. 

Friday night was the annual Anti-Valentines Day Concert where the acapella and choir groups on campus perform. As always it's loads of fun to go. There are 4 groups on campus: Section Line Drive, the Maryweathers, Momo and the Coop, and Semper. Each has their own sort of "vibe" but they all bring a fun and diverse feel to the stage. 

The Maryweathers - the only all girl acapella group 

This morning I went on my weekly Saturday morning run in Tryon today, and it was absolutely beautiful! I think we're hit the February fake out, where we get 4-5 days of nice sunny and sometimes warm weather - which is a very welcome reprieve before the weathers like "haha jokes on you, it's still winter!!!". Nevertheless it's nice to see the sun again. I was even able to go out in shorts for the run :) 

Sunny Tryon

Downtown Portland

After that I came downtown on the pio express (our school bus) and just holed up in the corner of a Starbucks writing my study guide for biology - which I just finished and now I'm getting to write to all you wonderful humans :) In about an hour I'm meeting a group of friends for our annual Papa Hayden's birthday dinners.

Tonight it also Once Upon A Weekend! OUAW happens a few times each year (maybe once a semester) but it's a one acts compilation where the writers cast and rehearse and perform all within one day! The acapella groups also perform and it's a fun and silly thing to go to with friends. I am personally not an actor at all (it's really tragic when I try haha) but it's super fun to go and watch these. It's also crazy impressive that they get this together in such little time. So after dinner tonight, we'll go to watch them perform at 10pm. 

Tomorrow I've got my ACDA dance rehearsals in the morning and then I'll probably have another study day. A group of my friends and I were planning to go to the zoo pretty soon, but we're waiting for a less hectic weekend to go. 

Weekends are usually a bit more exciting but with this first round of midterms beginning I don't have much else to report. 

I've been getting some emails and have loved being able to talk to you guys! 

If you want to ask any questions or just want to say hi, don't be worried to reach out! I love getting emails from you guys :) You can always reach me at: ksaylor@lclark.edu 

That's all for now friends,