07 February 2017

Slow Week

Honestly, other than schoolwork, this week has mostly been spent filling out applications.  My roommate and I have put in an application to live in an on-campus apartment next year and I have been working on my study abroad application.  I am applying for the bio-focused Australia trip in the spring of next year.  What could be a better place to take a class on venom?  Nearly every bio major I know is trying to get in so it will be a pretty competitive application process.

It really has been an uneventful week.  Classes were canceled Friday because of an ice storm, but that bad weather has continued and no one has been motivated enough to go outside and do anything interesting.  It’s very gray, cold, and rainy out.  The highlight of my weekend was watching my roommate slip on a banana peel.  She’s fine, she just wanted to see if they really were slippery.  She stepped on it once without incident, but it got her on the way back and sent her sprawling across the floor.

I am excited about cell/molecular biology lab tomorrow though.  My lab team gets to use a UV crosslinker (a machine that looks like a microwave) to expose apple extract to UV rays and see how that affects tyrosinase (the enzyme that turns cut apples brown).  I am looking forward to playing with cool machinery for a few hours.

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