08 February 2017

Keeping Busy

This semester is already rolling. After all the snow finally melted away, everything pretty much returned to normal here at Lewis and Clark. All of my classes are keeping me super busy, and I am always busy. This past week I already gave a presentation in my Metabolic Biochemistry class, which took quite a bit of time to prepare. It was on a protein associated with cancer, and the paper the scientist that wrote on it had a lot of tests that were difficult to understand. Now that it is over with, it makes the class a lot easier and I don’t have to worry about presenting in the week later. Also, I have midterms coming up in the next week or so that I have to start studying for.

Other than school, I have been able to get off campus and go snowboarding, which has been amazing. Just this past week the mountain has probably gotten another two feet of snow, which will be nice when I go up this weekend. It is nice having my brother here with me, because he is always willing to go when I am and he has gotten a lot better so he can keep up with me. Along with that storm that came this past week, last Friday classes were canceled because of ice rain that made the roads dangerously slippery. Since the roads were hazardous, the school determined that the people shouldn’t drive up the hill and canceled school. It was great for me because I got to sleep in, which was helpful.

Also this week, I have had to help with RA interviews for the new candidates that are applying for next year. It has been interesting for me to be on the other side of the process and see what the school is looking for in candidates. There are two parts to the interview, a group interview and an individual interview. Each one is different, and it all depends on the individual. For myself personally, I like the individual interview better. It gave me a chance to better express myself. However, those are over with and now they will select the candidates soon.

That is all I have going on for now, until next week.