08 October 2012

Dog Days of October

Hello lovely people,

Life is good! On Wednesday, the school held a dog day. There were seven dogs just running around, and a ton of students were there to play with them and give them treats. I think we've all (or at least I have) felt a little pet deprived, so it was really nice. Here's my friend Emma with one of the dogs.
Besides that, the week went pretty much as usual. I had a French test, which I did pretty well on. I also had various Spanish quizzes, which are getting progressively harder. The big test was a midterm in bio, which was stressful but manageable. We get it back tomorrow, so we'll see how it went. My lab group also started collecting data for our year long bio project. We're studying the effects of English Ivy on mushroom populations, so we got to tromp around in the woods and look scientific.
Don't I look scientific?!
During the weekend I went into Portland not once, but twice. It made up for the fact that I couldn't go the week before, since I had too much homework. On Friday, one of my friend's friends came and visited her, so we all went downtown to show them around. We went to Tartberry (a.k.a. the "sunniest place in Portland"), and spent more than an hour drawing pictures for the wall and eating frozen yogurt. Then we walked down to the river, which is super pretty all of the time, but especially at night.
On Saturday, we went in again. This time we went to Powell's, Buffalo Exchange, and Knit Purl. At Buffalo Exchange, Destiny and I both found amazing things.
See? My shirt has cats with lasers coming out of their eyes, and her shirt has a bunny thing on it.

The main thing I'm trying to figure out right now is which extra-curriculars to do. I know I want to be involved in SEED, though I accidentally forgot about the meeting last week and they aren't meeting this week. I also keep meaning to go to the writing circle, but things always arise and I can't. I will start soon, though! Most recently (as in, about an hour ago), I think I decided to join the forensics team. I did speech in high school and wasn't sure about continuing in college, because I wanted to try out new things. There was just an informational meeting about the team, and I realized how much I miss it. I'm planning on trying different categories, so it will still be a change. LC is hosting a tournament here this weekend, so hopefully I can sit in on some rounds.

As always, feel free to email me (rekidder@lclark.edu) or comment with any comments or questions you may have. I'm here to help!

Until next week,