16 October 2012

fall BREAK!

This week ended on Wednesday for us, which was awesome on so many levels:

Firstly, It meant I could actually sleep in!!! (In reality I still had swim practice so my day started at 9:30, but it’s still better than 8am)

Secondly, in this period with reduced sleep deprivation, I was able to increase productivity and get a head start before next week, which is starting to look pretty intense (and not really in a good way).  This productivity also applied to cleaning my room and doing laundry (my mother would be proud, kinda…) which were becoming equally daunting tasks.

And thirdly, I was able to go to the coast with my roommate from freshman year, Ashley, which was super fun because we haven’t talked that long in ages. Personally, as a Californian, I associate beaches as mostly sunny places with dunes and shops and SUN.  However, as a Californian, I often forget the fickle weather of the Pacific Northwest, and how it loves to taunt us all.  We went to the town of Seaside on the Oregon coast, and the weather did not cooperate. It was cold and wet and really windy, so windy in fact that we spent most of the day in a cute little coffee shop with cups that said, “Take time to enjoy the simple things in life.” I think that they meant the quote to apply to the delicious toffee latte I had ordered. However, this innocuous quote definitely applies to college life, because even though it seems like yesterday that Ashley and I met for the first time, we are already more than halfway done with our college careers, CRAZY!

So, Prospies, wherever you decide to go, savor it, because like my lovely latte, it appears that college disappears all too soon! (I know that sounds really cheesy, but it is so true!) If you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to email me at katyyeh@lclark.edu, otherwise, keep on reading my blog to learn about my life at LC.