11 October 2012

Midterms, Papers, and Coffee (LOTS of coffee)!

 This week was packed for me, starting last Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:00 am, I sat for 2 midterms and wrote 5 papers. And in the process, I may have become even more addicted to caffine (if thats even possible). So, I promise my life is usually interesting, just this week it definitely wasn’t. However I did find some awesome places to study and so, I figure I’ll share those:
My teammate Josh advocating studying over partying. (Photo Credit: Alexa Morris)

1.  Maggie’s Café: Located conveniently on the first floor of my building on campus, Maggie’s has just enough chatter to allow for talking through problems with classmates but not too much as to be over-whelming or distracting.  While the volume does fluctuate, it offers a great selection of candidates for people watching. But really, the best part of Maggie’s is the coffee, ready when you need it and essentially free if you buy with flex points!

2. The Law Campus: Although I used to prefer studying in Boley Law Library, I have recently found that all the buildings have convenient places to sit and read/study in peace.  Every room is literally silent, which can be a little unnerving, but also lead to high levels of productivity. (And because you are sitting with a bunch of law students you feel mature too!) The only problem with the Law School is it’s kinda far away and doesn’t have readily available caffeine! (Below: A picture of my friend Taylor outside Boley library last week.)
My friend Taylor petting the pig statue outside Boley Library (Photo Credit: Heather Markham)

3. Templeton Meeting Rooms: These rooms have big tables where you can spread out all the study materials, they are well lit and conveniently located near the Trailroom, so you don’t have to go far and waste a bunch of time getting dinner.

4. Academic Buildings (especially JR Howard): These are the places where you will be taking the test, so why not study in them? Because of all the desks, tables, and chairs they make a great place for group meetings and are far enough away that you are rarely disturbed by people you know popping in to say “hello.” The only problem I've found with Howard is the limited access to caffeine after the Dovecote closes. 

Hope you enjoyed! And if you have questions feel free to email me at katyyeh@lclark.edu