09 October 2012

On Roommates-- Part 1

Alright prospies, sit down. Gather around. It's story time. I'm going to give you some glimpses of my roommates through the years.


Freshman Year


The Summer

I just friended my new roommate on Facebook. I'm so excited. We're going to be best friends.

The first day

We're attached at the hip. These New Student Orientation (NSO) activities can't even handle us right now.

One Week In

My roommate and I have been tag-teaming the room. I get up at 5AM for Crew, he goes to bed. I come back from class and take a nap-- he gets up. 

Middle of Fall Semester

A hall-mate I haven't talked to since NSO barges in, looks around and sees that my roommate is not there. He promptly takes off his pants and puts on a pair that are on the ground. Then he opens up my roommate's closet, takes out a pair of shoes and leaves. He doesn't look at me.

Two days later I find out my roommate and this guy are sharing clothes. 

Sophomore Year 


The First Day

I find a roommate in a guy I met at a party once. Turns out he has a wide-screen TV and a couch.We get along well.


Crew starts. Commence tag-teaming.

Roommate gets a girlfriend. He decides to get a single for the Spring. Go figure.


Find another roommate in the hall upstairs. He joins crew. No more tag-teaming! The room is distinctly cleaner and better lit than freshman year.

Junior Year



I move off-campus and now have 6+ roommates at any given time. I counted once-- there was a total of 10. I was living with 2 french brothers, another french friend of mine, a swazi acquantance, an irish guy, two teammates, and three of their girlfriends (technically not roommates but they pretty much lived there). During this time I'm sharing a room with the french friend. I am no longer at all phased by nudity of any kind-- but rent is only about 110 a month, and his girlfriend likes to make crepes in the morning. Life is good.

Fall Semester

Things settle down. The girlfriends start being more scarce. I have my own room now, but it's in the basement. The ceiling is only seven feet tall. I'm six feet tall and end up scraping my hands every time I take off my shirt. Also, the room floods and the cement floor loves to flirt with the cold. I have a nice bed, though, and rent is only 280.

Spring Semester

The french roommates move out to be replaced by a 25 year old guy who goes to Portland State University. The kitchen is only slightly cleaner. We have mice.


My french friend has killed 11 mice.


My roommates and I have been there and back again. Our bonds shall never be broken.

Senior Year

I have upgraded in houses and fell into a fine group of people. We have quite the home away from home. Here is the most recent picture of us:

Don't worry. The gun's fake.

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