30 October 2012


¡Hola todos!

Hello everyone!

This year, Halloween is on a wednesday, and unfortunately I have a test this friday so there will be no celebrating or trick or treating for me. I did though, receive a lovely care package in the mail from my parents. It had candy corn, a halloween card and some halloween stickers :) Getting packages in the mail is probably one of the most exciting things. It's just so nice to get a little something from home, or from a friend, no matter what it is.

Tonight, the spanish club also showed the movie REC. which is a scary movie that takes place in Spain. We made and served pizza, kale chips and candy corn for the people who came.


My roommates and I also decorated our living room with halloween decorations, on top of all the streamers that we had already put up at the beginning of the year.

This week Lewis & Clark is putting on so many events for Halloween! Tomorrow, on the basketball courts, the Lewis and Spark Fire Arts are going to juggle fire. I might go to this because I know some people who are part of the club. On Thursday, MOSAIC is going to have a Día de los Muertos party in Stamm, which I hope I will be able to go to. They are going to be making pan de muerto, and they will also have arts and crafts and face painting. Finally, on Saturday KLC (the campus radio station) and CAB (Campus Activities Board) are going to have an event called Dance Yourself Dead with four different bands performing. So many activities!

 I hope everyone's Halloween is wonderful!

P.S. You should watch this. Ellen Degeneres is wonderful. And so is Eric Stonestreet.