23 October 2012


Oh man! This next week is going to be a crazy one...

Right when I was thinking to myself, "Man, I'm glad I finished all of those midterms. Now I can just relax for a while," I have a to do list that never seems to end!  Doesn't it always seem to work that way, though?  With parents weekend coming up in a few days, I have a room to clean up on top of everything else.
At least it's not all on the floor, right?
I'm sure I'll get to all of that fun later.  But, in keeping with the theme of parents (or other family/friends) visiting, I thought you all could use a list of stuff you should definitely check out when visiting campus/Portland:

Show them around campus
Anyone who takes the time to come visit you wants to know about your life here at Lewis & Clark.  Show them the Bon, your room (hopefully it's cleaner than mine), some of the cooler/prettier spots on campus, and anywhere else you spend a ton of time.  Not only will they enjoy walking around campus with your far more than taking a tour or something like that, but it makes story telling over the phone or back home a lot easier if they know what you're talking about.

This is my favorite spot on campus: the reflecting pool.

Go to the food carts
Cheap, tons of variety, and some of the best food in Portland.  The food carts are perfect for a snack while you're exploring downtown or a full on meal if you and your visitors plan on spending the entire day off campus.  I recommend the chili cheese fries.  Honestly, they were better than any I've ever had before.

Go to Voodoo Doughnuts
Probably the one thing that everyone already knows to do, but Voodoo is a must see for everyone who comes to see you in Portland.  There really isn't much to say about it, other than it's Portland, OR in delicious pastry form.

My mom had a great time at VooDoo when she visited last spring.

Go to a Pio athletic event
There is always some sort of sporting event going on on weekends.  With 19 varsity teams, there's bound to be something that interests you.  This weekend is especially great for this, as it's homecoming!  There's a women's soccer game and a football game back to back on Saturday, so GO PIOS!

There's a TON more that you could do.  If you want to hear more, or you have any other questions, email me at hhigger@lclark.edu