27 November 2012

glu glú

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I mentioned last week that my family came here for the week. I was sad that I couldn't go home, because most of my friends were there and got together. There are only about three weeks until I go home though, so I'll get to see them then. My family had a really nice time here. We ate at my brother Sam's apartment, and Sam and I got to show them around Portland some. It's amazing to think that I didn't know my way around at all when they dropped me off three months ago, and now I knew where to go and what to do!
Me, Sam, his fiancée Sylvia, and my sister Hannah
They had to leave on Friday morning, so the rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Sam and Sylvia had me over to their apartment Friday night for some left overs, and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday doing homework and sleeping.

Now, we're in the last leg before finals. I have my last mid-term in bio on Friday, and a Spanish test that day too (speaking of which, we learned how to say a lot of Thanksgiving-associated words in Spanish before break. Apparently Spanish turkeys say "glu glú," as opposed to the English "gobble gobble"). Our lab is wrapping up, with papers and presentations due in the next few weeks. My whole group was here last weekend, so we got on top of everything and wrote a rough draft that isn't due for another week- we were really proud of ourselves.

I'm amazed with how quickly the semester has gone by, and how much work there is around finals time. I'm staying on top of it, but it is tiring. It's worth it, though!