13 November 2012

Sleep Walking

No, the title to this post isn't about actual sleep walking.  That is a subject I know pretty much nothing about, being an extremely heavy sleeper.  Alarms, earthquakes, people shouting right outside my window; you name it, I've probably slept through it.

This post is about the type of sleep walking that happens to everyone on campus around this time of year.  That I-stayed-up-until-2AM-becuase-I-have-three-midterms-tomorrow kind of sleep walking.

You guessed it! Midterm season is here once again, infecting the masses of procrastinating students, such as myself, and making campus look like the zombie apocalypse has hit hard.

Her professor DID say she only had to memorize half of the book...
So here I am, blogging from my quiet corner of the library.  It's the perfect spot. I have a nice big desk area to spread out my books and situated so that I am the only person who can see that said books are all closed and my computer is playing yet another episode of 30 Rock on Netflix.

Moral of the story? Study well in advance of your midterms.  Don't wait until the last minute like me and become a mindless zombie like me.  I promise college isn't that hard when you manage your time.

If you have any questions about how to manage your time, college classes, or anything about our community of flesh eating zombies, shoot me an email at hhigger@lclark.edu or leave a comment below.