20 December 2012

Marimba and the Holidays

Last year when I was eating in the Bon (Fields Dining Room) one night there was some miraculous music being played for all of us to enjoy while we ate our dinner. It was so fun that it even made me get up and dance to it. After hearing the music I was determined that I would take a class in the African Marimba if I ever got a chance. Luckily, I was looking for an art credit for this semester and there were spots open in the course. Every Tuesday and Thursday I looked forward to going to class for an hour because the music is just so fun and relaxing. A couple of sundays ago for our class "final exam" we went down to the Saturday Market in downtown Portland to perform. It was really so much fun and a great way to realize how much I had actually learned throughout the semester.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the video to upload correctly but here are some pictures of the wreath making party the Spanish, German and French clubs co-hosted the week before finals :) In all three of the places where these languages are spoken wreaths are very common during this time of the year. Contrary to how the United States does wreaths though, these countries do not hang them on their doors. Instead they put four candles on the wreath and light one candle each week before Christmas. It was a really fun event and many people attended.

Finals are all done now and it is time to head home for winter break! I hope all you have a wonderful Holiday Season. I will try to write one or two blogs during vacation and then start up again on a regular basis once I get back to school.

Happy Holidays!